Tax Reform

Taxation begins in the government budgeting process. I will analyze our County budget thoroughly and draw attention to budget padding and any lack of transparency in the budget process. I will guard against waste and work to protect programs that assist the elderly and disadvantaged.

Sales tax redistribution – Dutchess County should revise the formula for the distribution of sales tax revenue to our towns and the City of Poughkeepsie to increase the funds available to municipalities for providing local services for their citizens. The sales tax distribution formula was revised downward in 2013 to the detriment of municipal budgets.

Sales tax rerevision – Under Republican decision making the sales tax on clothes or shoes that cost less than $100 was reinstated in Dutchess County after a earlier Democratic majority legislature had removed that tax. Democrats would remove this tax again.

School tax reform – I believe that the burden of school taxes should be shifted to a great extent to income tax payers rather than property tax payers. The school tax burden is often too high for low income and elderly homeowners. The County cannot implement this on its own, but we should take leadership in trying to move this proposition forward at the state level.