Our Land Is Our Future

County Parks. Two of Dutchess County’s three parks are in the district I hope to represent. Beautiful Wilcox Park in Milan needs an increase in staffing to serve the growing number of park users. The Harlem Valley Rail Trail is also a county park and I have worked with county and state agencies and three county executives since the early 1980’s to keep this project moving forward.

Rudd Pond. I will work to have Dutchess County lobby for more state support for the Rudd Pond multiple use site.


Recreational Tourism is a major factor in our local economy. Greater efforts should be made by the county and towns to promote the enjoyment of our parks and trails.

Open space must be protected. The southern part of Dutchess has become intensely suburban and we need strong policies that will protect the scenic resources in our corner of the county. I will always be a voice in support of open space and against overdevelopment.

Our agricultural industry has been a strength here since before the Revolutionary War. In recent decades there has been a decline in the dairy industry. Former dairy farms have often been converted to horse farms or other use unrelated to the production of food. Despite this trend, a new spurt of sustainable agriculture is taking hold in our region, supplying the growing market for organic food in homes and restaurants. This is great news for our local economy and new efforts should be made to match available land with the emerging generation of agriculturalists. Dutchess County could take the lead in establishing a program that allows potentially productive agricultural land to be made available to the next generation of food producers.

Photo of Schultz Hill. Taken by Priscilla Herdman.